Why You Don't Feel Good

by Dr. Lori Puskar

The SECRETS to LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER are NOT what you have been told.

These answers are not in a lab test, using some diagnosis, from a male father-figure in a white lab coat. 


How can this be???

First, let's clarify what health problems we are talking about.  If you have:

  • Non-Resolving Pain
  • Low/No Energy or Fatigue
  • Poor Sleep
  • Headaches
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Can't Lose Weight
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Hot Flashes/Hormonal Issues
  • Thyroid/Adrenal Problems
  • Diagnosis or Disease

Then, please read on....

There are many reasons why you don't feel good.

But, there are 2 Absolutes that are for certain and they are that you have: 

1) Organ Dysfunction

2) Nutritional Deficiencies 

In making this discovery, it becomes apparent that since all of the organs and systems in your body work together, that to truly feel good, you must handle your body as a whole.  In order to achieve that, you open your mind that, to get the real cause, ANYTHING CAN CAUSE ANYTHING! 

Entering into every new patient case with this viewpoint has been THE SECRET TO MY SUCCESS.  I never assume I know why you don't feel good until your body confirms or denies the situation.

With this as an absolute, we can determine "WHY" you do not feel good.

Therefore, every health problem comes from specific organ dysfunctions and specific nutritional deficiencies. What you need to know WHY you don't feel good, but more importantly, WHAT specific organ dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies are causing it.

If you don't feel good, you can be certain you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

Since these vitamins and minerals serve as fuel for the organs, you can assume that your organs are not working at 100%. As soon as these organs are not working at 100% their ability to absorb, digest and utilize vitamins and minerals diminishes. 

This causes a vicious cycle that will make you more nutritionally deficient. The more nutritionally deficient you become, the more often and the more severe your symptoms will become. The more severe your symptoms become, the more stress it is going to put on your organs, and so forth and so forth. You then get this downward spiral that just continues on and on. 

There must be a halt somewhere in this mechanism to stop any further damage and help support the situation enabling it to stabilize and many times improve. So what needs to be done is to find what specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies you already have and exactly what organs are already being affected and fix and handle them once and for all.

Once that is determined, you now know:
1. What Organs need to be monitored and corrected.

2. What nutritional supplements you need to take and what dose.

3. What foods you will need to eat more and which ones less.


As you can see, this is what allows a Personalized Natural Heath Program to created that is right for you and you. And the best part, since it is done this way, is that the Program Actually WORKS and you start FEELING BETTER!

Now that you understand a Personalized Program, you can see that it is very specific in addressing only your symptoms and problems.

It is NOT a “magic recipe” nutrition or trying to use the “one size fits all” approach. 

It’s just as if we were all going to get a tailor-made 3 button black suit--although they all would be similar, our in-seams, shoulder and arm widths etc. would be different. This is exactly how you program is designed, as to address the reasons why YOU have your specific health problems, as opposed to why your twin sister or neighbor has it. It allow for being very specific and very accurate in handling what exactly your body needs.

The first thing that must be determined is if you are a candidate for a Personalized Natural Health Program.  If you are NOT a candidate for a Personalized Natural Health Program” then it is unlikely that the Program will ever help you. 

However, if you ARE a candidate for a “Personalized Natural Health Program”, then, in my experience, it is my belief that nothing else will help you as much.





Please keep in mind that the goal is to improve on your overall health and restore the foundation, which has been lost. This is not a quick fix and will probably require several months to really make improvements in your case. You must have an open mind to try something new as you now know this approach is much different.

Every part of the program is safe, organic and natural. This allows for effectively yet safely, helping people who already have a diagnosis or disease or are taking medications. It allows for help to the elderly as Ill as infants and babies not yet born. 

If doing a Personalized Health Program is something you would be interested in, again what I must first do is determine if you ARE a candidate for a Personalized Health Program. 

As a thank you for reading this article, take advantage of the Initial Health Evaluation Coupon and schedule NOW to determine if what we do will help you. CLICK HERE

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I look forward to helping you handle your health problems so that you may have the life you want.

Dr. Lori Puskar