Why Organic?

Good Health is the Result of Many Factors

The average woman puts  over 500 chemicals on and in her body every day.

Chemicals applied to the skin get absorbed and enter your blood stream in only 26 seconds!

Good Health is the Result of Many Factors 

One is wholesome nutrition found in organic & natural Foods, Supplements and Products. 

It is more than foods and products created without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic & Natural Products are REAL, not phony, artificial or processed. 

They possess essential factors that build health. Organic & Natural Products are greater than the sum of its parts. 

An example is the “watch” metaphor:

"Vitamins are complexes, they are parts of enzyme systems –Like a watch which is a timekeeping mechanism – it is functional, organic, interactive – a watch is not a hunk of brass – a vitamin complex is not ascorbic acid – it is more – it is complex – organic – functional - whole, not inorganic chemical parts." -Dr. Royal Lee

Organic & Natural Products are alive, functioning, integrated whole, possessing the essential “goodness” the Creator intended for building and supporting health.


This is the result of eating organic foods and whole food supplements while doing our best to remove chemicals from our environment by using Organic & Natural Products.

This depends on food that Mother Nature intended humans to eat.

For humans, organic, healthy foods are derived from plant and animal sources, not from a synthetic chemical laboratory nor minerals directly from the soil. Plants, and ONLY plants, can take inorganic minerals from the soil, along with water and sunshine, and make them come alive with the  vitamins, enzymes, and energy necessary for animal and human health.

One would not find an animal in nature chewing rocks or shells for minerals because they are inorganic and not suitable food for animals. Similarly, inorganic chemicals, additives, pesticides and synthetic “vitamins” are unnatural and have negative effects upon human health and vitality.

Processed foods, food additives & medications are NOT Organic and take essential nutrients from your body.

Synthetic “foods,” that is, “foods” that are pasteurized, chemically-altered or

denatured in any other way, such as through the use of food additives or preservatives, are not whole and are NOT fit as human food. So-called “vitamins” created in a laboratory are incomplete, inorganic and when ingested are known to leach out essential nutrients from body stores. 

When these essential nutrients (vitamins, enzymes and cofactors) are processed out of food and taken out of the body over time, deficiencies can become the cause of the breakdown of the body and disease begins. 


When the body is burdened with synthetic toxic chemicals from the environment, it requires additional nutritional resources to relieve itself of the burden.


Incomplete foods and environmental toxins lead to deficiency, disintegration and disease.  Good health is restored and maintained when the nutritional essentials are provided in the form of organic foods and whole food supplements, in the amounts and duration necessary to replenish depleted body tissues.

• Real, whole organic food is the source of integration, health and life–-and provides nutritional essentials.

• Synthetic “foods” lack these essentials and are thus the source of DIS-integration, DIS-ease and death.

We offer only  Organic & Natural product lines,  both internally and topically, that can reduce your chemical risk to almost 0%.

Many people underestimate the efficacy of high-quality ingredients in promoting true health.  

Our dedication to quality will lead the way to getting you well 

Faster, Easier and Efficiently.