Why Self-Prescribed" Nutrition is not the Solution

How Can This Be?

The news and media makes the world of vitamins look very simple and straightforward, and that anyone can just go to any store, buy any vitamin and magically heal themselves. 

To make matters worse there are ads on the internet, social media, television and radio that encourage this by offering the ”cure all” and the "one size fits all.”

People should be validated for their efforts in trying to handle their body naturally and knowing that the root is definitely more correct. But, there is much more to the story than you have been told by news sources, social media, and Dr. Google.

Your body is very similar to a car, in a certain respect, it is just a machine. With a car, when you have a clunk under the hood, most people don’t question what’s going on, they just take it right to the mechanic, the expert, the person who specializes in taking care of cars. The person who spends every day of his life “being a car nerd.”

Most people don’t start dabbling under the hood if they don’t understand how their car works. They don’t just start randomly throwing other liquids, other than gasoline, into their gas tank. They don’t start putting in other kinds of oils into the oil reserve. They don’t just randomly start taking out pieces of the car and cleaning it with different liquids hoping this will make it work.

One knows that they don't know enough about cars to go messing around with it. The same should also be true for your body, if not MORE TRUE. One should be letting the  “Nutrition Nerd” fix the body. We are also talking about something WAY more serious here than a car as well. If you really mess up a car, just throw it away and get a new one. You mess up the body, it’s the only one you have. Mess it up beyond repair and you are in big trouble. 


Your Body is a Complex Organism.

It would be wonderful if we lived in a world that was simple and a body was designed to run like an off on switch. But, the body is a very complex organism and has several different systems and organs working together to make the whole machine run. You cannot do simple fixes, as all of the organs and systems require many different vitamins and minerals and other key factors such as amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes and co-factors to make it work. There is no way the news, the media, or the individual person, without thorough knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, can really understand and appreciate how to handle this.

Some people get lucky and figure out a few things on their own. The body will try and take anything you give it and make it work, as anything good is better than nothing, but not for long. 

The long-term detriments of giving the supposed "right thing" for the wrong reason will eventually end in that organ or systems demise. Therefore, the thing that started out as a good thing, after some time, will end up being the exact thing that further destroys and shuts down the organs and systems even more. Leading to not only the return of previous of symptoms, but also NEW symptoms as well.

Your body is a complex organism. It was not created in a research lab. It cannot be replicated by doing science experiments in a lab and then post that in scholarly articles online. The only way to really handle a situation in the body is to get at the true cause of what happened in the first place and handle it in keeping with a full understanding of body anatomy physiology and biochemistry.

You have have to admire and appreciate the beautiful design of this body.  And, that the body is only trying to achieve ONE THING. Can you guess what that is??? It is to SURVIVE!   So, when you give it vitamins, minerals and other nutritional support, it really tries to do the best it can with it. This explains why you have managed to get some health improvements by doing it yourself. But, the pat on the back goes to the body, not to you. 


Let's Give an Example

Many people take magnesium. Though magnesium is great for many different Health situations, long-term magnesium abuse will actually lead to other deficiencies. 

Because, in order for magnesium to function properly, it will also need an increase in the amount of calcium you take. So, then the solution becomes not only to take the magnesium needed, but also then add in calcium. 

The problem with this is that, in a body, increased calcium means a need in decreased phosphorus in almost 50% the opposite dose. 

Therefore, you need to increase your magnesium, increase your calcium and decrease your phosphorus. But decreasing phosphorus could end up making you too alkaline. Then you will have to try and figure out how to increase your acid levels without doing it with phosphorus, as that will negate what you’re doing with your calcium and magnesium. 

On top of that you also need high levels of hydrochloric acid in your stomach to digest all of this extra calcium and magnesium. If you already have digestive problems, this is going to be almost impossible to overcome. And again you have to increase the acid ensuring it doesn't come from a phosphorus source, otherwise you have just negated everything  you have done thus far.

The Final outcome? VERY EXPENSIVE URINE. As your body will go into a state of confusion on what you are trying to achieve and end up just dumping it all out instead. Do you get it? 

The true question is: Why don’t we just find out the TRUE CAUSE of why you were magnesium deficient in the first place??? And JUST fix that!!!


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Personalized Nutrition

Therefore, you nutritional program should be designed by the same “mechanic” that works with bodies. That has spent their life dedicated to knowing and understanding the organs and systems of the body, it’s anatomy, physiology and biochemistry; how it operates and what it is really going to take to get it right.

This this is the only way you will actually get true success. Doing “self-medicated” nutrition might give you some symptomatic relief, but buyer beware, you’re not really fixing or handling anything at its core level.

If you would like to find out on how correct you actually got it. Take a free health assessment with absolutely no bias, no opinions that is completely objective. You will find out how you are doing with your current nutrition program, if there is room for improvement and what to do about that. 

The assessment must be done face to face. It will take about 30 minutes and again is absolutely free with no commitment. No obligation just the facts. No Appointment Necessary, just stop in anytime we are open. If you are already a patient of mine, or one of my colleagues, you are already on the right path.  

But, if you have friends and or family that are not yet on board, I encourage you to bring them in!

My best wishes to you in your health and success!

Dr. Lori Puskar

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Ready to find out how healthy you are?

Want to know how well your current nutrition program is working?

Attend one of our seminars and receive a free quick screening as part of the event.


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Dr. Lori Puskar - Nutritional Medicine Specialist

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