Dr. Lori Puskar


Who is Dr. Puskar?

Many people claim to be “nutritional counselors”, but Dr. Puškar , has 23 year’s of clinical experience in the women’s natural health improvement realm as a licensed health care practitioner. She graduated in 1994 from New York Chiropractic College and her extensive Chiropractic Training allows her to have all the scientific and medical knowledge to get you well safely and naturally.

She has a reputation for being able to solve even the most difficult health situations…the ones where others gave up and said nothing could be done about it. Dr. Puskar disagreed and proved the miraculous healing potentials of the body, time and time again.


The Secret to Her Success

Dr. Puskar with Husband, Mark Perkins


 After graduating and starting a successful private practice, she was instrumental in helping co-develop a 150 hour Advanced Clinical Nutrition Course, and then extensively taught, locally and across the country, to thousands of health care practitioners for 12 years; sharing the clinical pearls for creating true health miracles.

In addition, she was in charge of a research and development team and worked on many advanced research projects in the nutritional realm to keep her and her fellow colleague’s skills on the cutting edge. She also has the honor of being one of the top Nutrition Masters in the country.

Dr. Lori with her son Mason (left) and daughter Madison (right)


Being a “Supermom” herself, she also has quite a passion for seeing her female peers create healthy families.  She guides women on how to raise happy, healthy children allowing them to be the best “supermoms” they can be while positively contributing to the future generations. To read Dr. Puškar’s published article in The American Chiropractor Magazine entitled “Caring for the SuperMom”  CLICK HERE

Dr. Lori's Goal & Purpose


Thank You to those who've made me the Doctor I am today.