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Dr. Lori Puskar

My career started in 1996 with the opening of my first practice where I went on to build a huge successful  Nutritional medicine practice in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

After years of success, I realized that I had to share this with my fellow colleagues and help spread the word better and faster on Nutritional  Medicine. 

I retired from private practice and went on a 12-year journey

I was instrumental in helping co-develop a 150 hour Advanced Clinical Nutrition Course, and then extensively taught, locally and across the country, to thousands of health care practitioners for 12 years.

I taught these clinical successes to practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapists, and medical doctors for creating true health miracles.

In addition, I was in charge of a research and development team and worked on many advanced research projects in the nutritional realm to keep me and my fellow colleague’s skills on the cutting edge. 

I also have the honor of being one of the top Nutrition Masters in the country.

This had allowed me to help more people than I ever thought possible. I was not only helping my individual patients  and colleagues, but also tens of thousands of patients across the country that I will never have the opportunity to meet.

I loved spreading the word and being a disciple of Nutritional  medicine. But, the traveling and the long weekends got the better of me; especially since I was also raising a family of my own. 

I felt 12 years of dedication to helping my colleagues better help themselves and their patients was plenty for me to consider that I had fulfilled my goal and purpose in that area.  

Since being a  Nutritional  medicine doctor is what I do best, I decided that the communities of the Tampa Bay area deserve to have and hear my message. I decided it was time to go back into private practice.  

But, before I did, I spent some time perfecting myself as a person.   

I had the clinical skills by far, but was seeking personal enhancement so that I could, not only be a better doctor clinically, but also a better person; with better communication skills, better bedside manner, and better understanding of my patients as people.  

When I felt I was in a position to offer something better than I ever had done before and provide a personal service to individuals that no other healthcare practitioner was doing, I knew I was ready to open my next practice.

It was now time to share my Nutritional Medicine Secrets with the Tampa Bay area and open my most current practice in October of 2018, in The Countryside Plaza.  

I love all of my patients if they were my own children.

As an actual mother, 

I understand your heartaches and will be there for you.


I also want to be the strength in your life 

to ensure that you obtain the Optimum Body

and achieve everything you have hoped and dreamed for in life!

Dr. Puskar with Husband, Mark Perkins


 I am a “forty-something” wife and mother, who is a peer of yours, and understands exactly what you are going through.

You are as individual in your health as you are in your in genetics.   There are no two people who have the same health problems for the same reasons!

Handling your situation requires an expert who knows this and what to do about it.

This  ONE VERY SPECIFIC REASON why no one has been able to handle your HEALTH PROBLEMS.

That is because you have never had a completely 

Tailor-Made Body Optimization Program!

This TAILOR-MADE APPROACH is the ONLY WAY you are ever going to get to the REAL CAUSE of your health problems and HANDLE THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Though many nutritionists will recommend a Keto diet and put you on vitamins, that  may or may not work, as there is much more to the story.

I am more than just a nutritionist, I am a licensed doctor who has dedicated the past 25 years of my career, advancing my knowledge in bio-chemistry and physiology to find the ABSOLUTES to what it takes to get you well.

I know you want to Look Good, Sleep Better, Lose Weight, Prevent Aging, Balance Your Hormones, Handle Inflammation/Pain, be more productive and


Have a Better Life! 

That is a TALL order. but I believe you should have it, because this is what I want as well!

My goal is to be the  Nutritional  Medicine Doctor you trust to help you achieve all of this and

Look and Feel Better Naturally

without the use of medications!

If you are serious about handling these problems, then there is hope

...and I can help.

Dr. Lori with her son Mason (left) and daughter Madison (right)


Being a “Supermom” myself, I have quite a passion for seeing my female peers create healthy families.  

I guide women on how to raise happy, healthy children, allowing you to be the best “Supermom” you can be while positively contributing to the future generations.

Read my published article in The American Chiropractor Magazine entitled “Caring for the SuperMom”  by Clicking Below

Thank You to those who've made me the expert Doctor I am today.


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