What is a Health Manager?

Watch Dr. Lori explain why this is so important.

What in the world is a "Health Manager?"

And why does that even matter???

Too often I have seen "great doctors" that can get results, but still miss the mark. 

How? Great question! 

The answer actually comes from the business world.

When you have a business concern, don't you want to talk to "the guy at the top?"

The one who understands not only what the company produces, but also how it is run, the finances involved and their guarantees?

Well, whether you realize it or not, when you seek out a doctor's care, you actually want more than just "health info."  

You want to know about the business, their reputation, how long has it been around, how much do they charge, will it actually work? 

What if it doesn’t' work, what do I do then? 

How do I know if I need one of their services, many, or none of their services? 

…And the most important question: “WHO REALLY HAS MY BEST INTEREST AT HEART?”

Here's an Example:

You are remodeling a home. You hire General Contractor or even better a "Project Manager."  

The Project Manager’s responsibility is to guarantee your home is re-modeled to your exact desires, for the price quoted, in the time allotted. 

And, that if you ever have a problem and NEED TO FEEL WARM AND FUZZY, he is the guy you call.

What you also have on the job are "sub-contractors" their job is to do specialized tasks on the project. Once does the plumbing, one does the painting, one does the roofing, etc. etc.

If you ask the roofer about a roof, what will he tell you? A roof!

If you go the plumber about the plumbing, he will tell you: New pipes!

…and the painter will tell you: Fresh paint!

And the question is: “How do I know what needs to be fixed? The roof, the plumbing, the walls? All of this? None of this?”

The best answer will come from the "Project Manager."

Well, your health and symptoms are actually exactly the same.   

But, instead of remodeling a home, we are, in essence, remodeling your body (and your health.)  

You see, when you go to a doctor, it is like going to the sub-contractor. 

Doctors usually specialize and promote the one thing they are good at. 

And, the person who will give you the most honest, ethical and encompassing answer is the PROJECT MANAGER!

He is ABOVE all of these individual aspects and will lay out the overall project’s objective as a whole.

So, wouldn’t it be better to see a “Health Manager” and get ALL OF THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS?

If your answers is yes, that’s what I do…and you should continue reading on.