DNA Genetic Nutrition Optimization Program

Decades of research into our genetic makeup has given us great insight into the true cause of health symptoms.  With this information we can help our bodies start functioning at optimum.  We can now provide the exact right nutrition for your based upon your genetics.


Since the discovery of all of our genes in what was called "The Genome Project,"  we now have a tremendous amount of information that we never had before to better determine your unique health risks and how to optimize your genetic potential.

Optimize Your Genetics!

Order your DNA kit from

Then make an appointment with Dr. Lori Puskar to do an Initial Evaluation and analyze your DNA results!


What You Like Bio-Chemically

If you have health symptoms or problems, one or several of these

bio-chemical pathways are not functioning optimally.

Your DNA will tell  you which one's are or are not working at optimum.

A Build Up of any one of these components will lead to your symptoms and problems.

Whether that be Weight, Sleep , Fatigue, Hormones, Blood Pressure, Immune, etc.


Your Genetic Report

Over 215,000 individual DNA variants will be tested.

That is then turned into a simple report to see your genetic strengths and weaknesses. 

Based on your own genes, you will now be certain of what foods and nutrition supplements to do in order to Optimize your Genetics and Eliminate YOUR SYMPTOMS.

Here is a sample page of how extensive your DNA Genetic Testing will be.


Get Started!

Get your results interpreted by Dr Lori Puskar.

Watch your Fatigue, Headaches, Weight Problems, Hot Flashes

and Body Symptoms/Problems DISAPPEAR!

"Never before have I been able to be so accurate with my results. Who better to tell you what is wrong than you, via your own DNA? This has allowed me to be able to create the most perfect food and supplement programs ever!" - Dr. Lori Puskar

Body Bio-Feedback

Using Body-Biofeedback, we can go even deeper in determining which genes are expressing and where you may be at risk for various potential diseases and imbalances. 

This portion is optional and can only be done face-to-face.

Initial Health Evaluation & Recommendations


This will include:

 A 3-Hour Process which will be separated into  2 - (1 ½ Hour) Visits which includes:

1) Personalized Systems Survey Assessment. Click here for brochure

2) Optimal Health Potential based upon IntelleWave® Technology. Click here for brochure

3) Consultation with Dr. Lori Puskar

4) Body Bio-Feedback Evaluation by Dr. Lori Puskar. Click to watch Evaluation Video

5) Your Results on all of the above

7) Your Health Care Report and Dr. Puskar Recommendations

8) Your Personalized Natural Health Program which encompasses:

- DNA and Blood Work Recommendations

· Nutritional Supplement Recommendations

· Food and Diet Recommendations

· Lifestyle Recommendations

· How long it will take you to return to Optimal Health

· The cost of your Personalized Natural Health Program