Natural Health Solutions for Children

The subject of children is an interesting one!


We want to do right by them, but achieving this is many times quite a struggle.

If you're looking for organic, natural solutions to handle the simplest Health Situations such as colic or not sleeping through the night, to the most extensive situations such as Autism and ADHD, you have come to the right place!

We have been providing natural solutions to children for 23 years and have discovered varieties of nutritional support from homemade infant formula and convenient liquid vitamins, eating tips and tricks, and overall daily and lifestyle habits that allow fun for the child, to helping you raise a healthy child.

One of the key areas of struggle with children is the fact that they cannot actually communicate what's going on, so a lot of the handlings are guesswork or a stab in the dark at best.

We use a technique called “Body Bio-Feedback,” which allows the body to tell us what's going on and, in a very positive way, skip over the person and their ability or lack of ability to be able tell us what is going on. (This makes our technique great for pets too!)

But the most wonderful things about this is that it allows for a correct handling every time! As we are getting to the root cause of what's really going on.

Once that is determined, recommendations can be made on what vitamins to take, what foods to feed the child, how to get the child to eat and what to eat, help with snacks, tips on education and fun for children, as well as teaching parents long-term successful actions on how to raise a healthy child!

This will allow for everyone in the family to be calmer and get a good night’s sleep.

To understand how we achieve this using Body Bio-Feedback please watch our video by CLICKING HERE.

The Initial Health Evaluation is $299, and 50% off of that for children. But, if you watch the video, as a thank you, you can download a COUPON for a further discount!

Dr. Lori with her two Organic/Natural children.


Never a vaccine, never an ear infection, never a drug, never a disease, never a trip to the dentist. Mason (left) and Madison (right)